Green Coffee Prima is a 100% natural weight loss formula. It is made with natural ingredients and does not have any side effects.


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For well over two years, Green Coffee Prima has been helping millions of Indian men and women lose weight and become healthy. With over a million capsules sold to lakhs of customers, Green Coffee Prima is India’s #1 weight loss product. Try it today and take the first step towards transforming your body.

Metabolism Booster

Green Coffee Prima is a perfect blend of organic green coffee extracts that naturally boost metabolism which is important in losing weight.

Lowers Fat Production

It contain natural green coffee beans extract and recommended 60% HCA+ Chlorogenic acid that lowers fat production.

100% Safe & No Side Effects

Unlike steroids & chemical base products, Green Coffee Prima promotes natural weight loss without any unwanted side effects.


Me and my wife started taking Green Coffee Prima 4 months ago. We are very happy with the results. I have nearly lost 12 kilos and my wife has lost 10 kilos. The only thing i don't like is the price, but then the result it gives surely worth the money spent. We Love it! - Krishna & Vinita

Secret Behind Green Coffee Prima

Green Coffee Prima contains an essential blend of Green Coffee Bean extracts to help lose weight naturally. Unlike other manufacturers who supply low quality green coffee capsules that are full of chemical filler ingredients, we ensure highest quality of organic green coffee bean extracts to help you burn fat naturally without any side effects.


100% Organic Green Coffee Bean Extracts

Each Green Coffee Prima capsule contains 200 mg of organic coffee bean extracts that is of highest quality. Our organic and 100% chemical free coffee bean extracts helps you burn fat faster and completely naturally to avoid harmful side effects.



customer 1
Stubborn belly fat is my biggest problem as it take more time to burn. However, Green Coffee Prima helped me overcome the final barrier and I feel extremely fit and energetic right now.

Keerthi Reddy
customer 2
Excessive stomach fat was the biggest challenge for me. It was difficult for me to workout at the gym everyday because my job is stressful and i don't get time to go to the gym. However, Green Coffee Prima worked great for me because with its regular use for nearly 3 months, it helped me lose upto 9 kilos. I'm super happy with the result and now my wife is also taking it to lose weight.

Ravindra Kumar
customer 3
From flab to fit in just 3 months! I lost 27 kilos, can you beleive it? there is no doubt that Green Coffee Prima is India’s number 1 weight loss product. Thank you for the miraculous results Green Coffee Prima.

Divya Natarajan
customer 4
Finally this capsule worked! With diet control, excercise and green coffee prima i have lose 8 kilos in 3 weeks. The best thing about this product is that it does not cause any side effects. I take it everyday and recommend it to all my friends who want to reduce weight naturally.

Manish Sharma
customer 5
I stumbled upon Green Coffee Prima on my holiday to India. My friends in New York are stunned when I tell them the secret of my incredible weight loss is a magical capsule from India. Thank you Green Coffee Prima for the transformation

Rebecca Joseph
customer 6
In the first year of college girls never talked to me! They always made fun of my out of shape body. But when my gym tainer told me about the effective formula of Green Coffee prima, i also started taking it. Today after almost 3 months, i have been taking green coffee prima capsules regularly and it has helped me lose nearly 14 kilos. Just go for this super product, if you want results like me.

Vijay Shankar
customer 7

As a gym trainer i recommend all my clients Green Coffee Prima because it simply works! It improves your metabolism which is most important for burning fat and lose weight naturally. I personally take it everyday after workout to stay fit. - Neeraj Kumar (Gym Trainer)

*All testimonials are genuine and have been received from willing customers.